JASON NUTT (writer)

Jason Nutt

Jason Nutt is mostly a screenwriter, having sold his spec comedy WEDDING RINGS AND G-STRINGS to EG Productions and Fortress Features. The independently financed film was retitled BALLS TO THE WALL, directed by Penelope Spheeris and starring Jenna Dewan, Joe Hursley, Chris McDonald and Mimi Rogers. It had a limited theatrical run in the fall of 2011 and a domestic DVD/VOD release in February, 2014.  He’s also been paid to rewrite a couple of other things that haven’t been made yet.

He feels a tad uncomfortable referring to himself in the third person and lives in a hopelessly unhip corner of Los Angeles with his family.  As you can tell from the self-portrait above, he should probably stick to writing.

This is his first webcomic.


Twitter: @jaynutt303


Jen Albright

I am an illustrator, caricaturist, and storyboard artist based in the Los Angeles area. I have been drawing since the age of three. Back then my favorite subjects were little pink unicorns and rainbows, but I’ve since expanded my repertoire.

I put down my pencils briefly to attend film school and received a BA in film and television. Film school expanded my knowledge of composition, lighting, and visual storytelling, and eventually my experience led me to storyboard work. These days I’m working freelance, and besides storyboards for independent films, I’ve also turned out t-shirt designs, illustrations for scholarly papers, and personal painting commissions.  I’m very excited to add comics to my resume!

email me at albrightjc at gmail dot com